What is a cookie?

The cookie is a text file placed on your computer's hard drive, your tablet or mobile when you visit a website. It has the advantage of facilitating your navigation, to offer you personalized services by collecting information during your visits of sites during the period of validity of the cookie. The setting of cookies is handled in your Internet browser. You have the choice to activate or not these cookies on your computer (see below).

Cookies saved by a site or by third parties when you visit a website do not recognize you personally as an individual; They only recognize the device you are using. Cookies do not cause any damage whatsoever to your device, but they do allow you to benefit from certain features of a website (for example, they allow you to make reservations and return to pages on which You have researched and helped the publisher to keep the website secure, remember your preferences and personalize the content).

Different types of cookies

To be able to fully use a website on your computer, tablet or mobile, you must accept cookies. Some technical cookies are sometimes indispensable for the proper functioning of a website. Their removal can lead to navigational difficulties and the impossibility suscribe to offers.

On websites, you can find different types of cookies.

Technical cookies (including audience metrics cookies)

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of a website. Examples of technical cookies: whether or not you are logged in to your customer or placeholder space, managing your product or service selection ... Any site is also likely to use cookies of statistics and audience metrics to determine the number of visitors, the sections visited ... This information also allows the publisher to identify the possible bugs on the site, to correct them and to propose a suitable offer.

Third-party application cookies

On some sites, there are applications that allow you to share or share our content with other people, especially on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Even if you have not used these sharing buttons or applications, social networks may follow your navigation if your account or session is activated on your computer at that time. We advise you to inquire about the data protection policies and policies of the sites of these social networks.

Advertising partner cookies

These are cookies filed by companies other than the visited site that are often business partners, targeted advertising providers. The person in charge of the site has no power of action on these cookies which are managed by other companies. Only the sender of a cookie can read or modify the information of this cookie. A site welcoming advertising partners is likely to transmit information to them in relation to your purchases and products consulted if it is the case. These companies must undertake to keep these data confidential under the Data Protection Act (6 January 1978).

Optional Cookies

These cookies are intended to improve the user experience and facilitate user searches by offering products and offers related to the interests of the user. They are not essential to navigation. Examples of cookies: display of personalized banners outside our site, system of recommendations of products (last product consulted, you will also like ...).

What happens if I do not allow cookies?

If cookies are not allowed on your computer, tablet or mobile device, the use of a website's features may be limited (for example, for certain merchant sites, depending on the browser, you may be do not browse freely on the whole site or you won't be able to add products to your shopping cart and buy them).

Manage cookies from your browser

By setting your browser you can, at any time and for free, decide whether or not to enable cookies on your computer. This "à la carte" configuration allows you to accept / reject all cookies or process them on a case-by-case basis. The total prohibition of cookies on your computer can cause problems navigating a site. To disable cookies on your browser, please see the following pages:

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