Why invest in real estate in Portugal?

Portugal is ranked n° 3 as World’s Best Real Estate Investment


Portugal is top 3 of the best real estate investments in the World and Lisbon ranks n° 1 in the list of most valuable cities to invest in 2020. The country is also regularly placed in the top 5 of the safest countries in the World.

In addition, Portugal benefits from a beautiful cultural diversity, a high-quality health system and good economic and political stability.

With around 300 days of sunshine per year, 850km of sandy beaches, a diversity of landscapes, and a lower cost of living than the majority of European countries, Portugal has become the ideal destination for tourists and undoubtedly an El Dorado for investors.


Launched by the Portuguese Government in October 2012 and updated on 30 June 2015, the Golden Visa Program allows foreigners living outside Europe to acquire a residence permit in Portugal following a specific investment and to maintain it for a minimum period of 5 years.
There are three types of investments possible for obtaining the golden visa:

  • The acquisition of a property of at least € 500,000
  • Minimum transfer of € 1,000,000 to a Portuguese bank
  • Creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal

What are the advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa program?

  • Live and work in Portugal.
  • Free movement in the Schengen area.
  • The deed of residence may be extended to family members.
  • After the 5th year of maintenance of the golden visa it is possible to apply for permanent residence in Portugal.
  • At the 6th year of residence in Portugal it is possible to initiate a procedure to obtain Portuguese nationality and thus acquire the passport of Portugal.

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