Courtier en prêt immobilier

Real estate mortgage broker

Well living in Portugal wants you to benefit from quality service and in the best purchasing conditions.

That is why we selected credits experts from the Cabinet Prêtauxria, which will know how to accompany you in the advice, the steps and the finalization of your real estate transaction.

Prêtauxria is an agency of real estate mortgage brokers (Intermediaries Bank Operations and Payment Services), which operate on the sector of the Loire-Atlantique (44) and of Vendée (85) for the whole French territory.

Their work is to take care of all banking procedures and loan insurance for all kinds of real estate transactions.

Their job: advise you, make you save time and money!

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Prêtauxria - Real estate mortgage broker,

12 Rue Hervé le Guyader, 44240 La Chapelle Sur Erdre.